Stellwagen Bank Charter Boat Association

The Stellwagen Bank Charter Boat Association (hereinafter “Association”) is a non-profit organization within the charter boat industry, created to provide a forum for members in the for-hire sport fishing industry; to provide a unified voice to preserve and protect the rights, traditions and future of saltwater fishing; to provide education to members concerning fishery regulations, fishing techniques, better business practices and vessel compliance and safety requirements; to promote sport fishing and collaboration among members; to promote marine conservation, advancement of science, education and sustainable fishery management practices.

Recreational anglers are encouraged to join to learn from the guest speakers and help support continued open access to fish upon waters in the northeast including on Stellwagen Bank and have reasonable bag limits while out fishing with friends and family. Charter customers are recreational anglers and we believe in sustainable fishing while enjoying time on the water so future generations can enjoy the sport of fishing .


SBCBA Membership Application

The following is a list of accomplishments where SBCBA was a major player over the past years that all of our members can be proud of:

Currently working closely with the Recreational Advisory Panel on recommendations to allow continued fishing for groundfish in the Western Gulf of Maine Closed Area.  This follows the NEFMC recommendations from a meeting on October 1st where the council has requested the NMFS take emergency action to protect depleted cod stocks. 

Actively participating in Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary Working Groups.  Prevented the Sanctuary and Environmental Groups from closing any fishing areas or establishing MPA’s. Currently have two of our members on the SBNMS zoning working group.

Establishing representation on all local, state and federal advisory panels that regulate fishing matters.

Successfull in preventing NEFMC from reducing the cod bag limit from 10 fish to 2 fish per person as proposed.

Actively preventing NEFMC from closing the WGOM closed area to all recreational fishing.  (This is where we catch most haddock). We still need your help!

Successfully prevented prohibition of possession of cod during April and May.

Sucessfully convinced NMFS to allow a 3 week season on school bluefin tuna 27” to 47” for 2006 through a Congressional contact campaign. Members wrote to their Senators and Congressmen to pressure NMFS Administrator Dr. William Hogarth to reconsider his proposed “no-quota” allotment and allow a season. This is a huge victory for SBCBA.

Successfully opposing all proposals to establish MPA’s (no recreational fishing zones) to state and federal waters. And we still need your help in this matter !

Continuing to send representatives to hearings and meetings on important fisheries matters from Portland, ME to Washington, D.C.  While nobody in the association is paid for their time and efforts, designated representatives are reimbursed for their travel expenses.

Actively supporting the CHOIR Group to remove offshore herring mid-water trawlers from devastating huge amounts of herring forage in key Massachusetts locations.

Successfully Stopped A proposal for a control date for limited access in the charter/party groundfish industry in the GOM.

Created a web site to inform members and non-members of important fisheries matters

Participated in a Federal DNA Study to determine the origin of Giant Bluefin Tuna in Massachusetts Bay and the western Gulf of Maine

Participated in the Closer of Purse Siening for Bluefin Tuna in Massachusetts Bay for an indefinate period of time.

Actively participating in Lobbying for more studies in the Discards of protected species of fish in the Eastern Atlantic ocean and the Gulf of Mexico a major Breading area for all types of marine Animals that migrate to our waters.

SBCBA meetings have informed many people of current laws and future actions to protect fish stocks and the rights of recreational fisherman. Speakers include State Oficials, Marine Biologists, Expert Fishermen and members of the Law Enforcement Comunity.

Attached is an application to join or re-new your membership in Stellwagen Bank Charter Boat Association (SBCBA).  Although our membership has significantly grown over the past years, we need your support to further strengthen this organization to fight continued threats to our access to historical fishing grounds and to ensure fair and effective catch regulations that will guarantee sustainable fishing for the future.  Even if you can’t attend our meetings or live far away, you need to support our organization to protect your fishing rights.