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Stellwagen Bank Charter Boat Association (SBCBA) originated in 2004 after the National Marine Fisheries Service decided to make drastic changes for recreational anglers which would result in severe impacts on the charter boat industry.  Even though the association is named a charter boat association, all fisherman are welcome to join.  Without the recreational angler there would be no need for charter boats which are basically a platform to take the recreational angler offshore to harvest sustainable species.

Stellwagen Bank Charter Boat Association meets monthly and has a variety of public speakers ranging from government, academia and fisherman each month to help us increase our knowledge of not only how to catch fish but also fishery management issues.

There are two types of memberships, one for captains and owners for $60.00 per year and an associate for mates, private anglers and others for $30.00 per year. Your dues go towards improving the science for fisheries management, guest speakers and attending meetings to fight for reasonable recreational bag limits along with protecting your rights to fish.  If you have any additional questions regarding becoming a member please send an email to

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