Regulatory Issues


 URGENT information , Please See the Latest Informations Regarding Life Rafts

The Coast Guard came out with a USCG Rafts Policy Letter December 2015 with a large amount of information.  There is a matrix at the end showing you what type of raft you need.  On February 18th the USCG released a Rafts Clarification dated February 18th stating the Rafts Policy Letter is cancelled.  Read both to try to understand what you are required to have on board for a life raft.  It is highly recommended you contact your local Commercial Fishing Vessel Inspector to find out EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED TO HAVE FOR A RAFT. From our understanding these changes affect mostly smaller fishing boats which fish beyond three miles and those which are state registered.  Once again contact your local Fishing Boat Inspector for  additional clarification.


USCG Rafts Clarification dtd Feb 18, 2016

USCG Rafts Policy Letter December 2015